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  1. New MCP


    23. March 2022 by Peter

    After many years of faithfull service I have swapped my old MPC with the CPflight MCP Pro. A beautiful piece …
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  2. OEM parts

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    5. July 2018 by Peter

    I have always been fascinated by OEM panels – real panels from an aircraft that has been in service for …
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  3. Still alive!

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    29. June 2016 by Peter

    Was that the first half of 2016 that just passed there? In a few days we are off for the …
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  4. January 2015 pictures


    19. January 2015 by Peter

    Cockpit view

    Here are a few pictures from the cockpit as off January 2015. Welcome – come’on ind I have mentioned the back …
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  5. EFIS 2


    18. August 2014 by Peter

    A few months ago I made my second EFIS for the cockpit. The main reason is not “Because there are …
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  6. A small update


    6. May 2014 by Peter

    Hi guys. I got an email last week from a guy in Finland who asked me if I had given …
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  7. FMC part 1 – First steps


    2. February 2014 by Peter

    So my FMC kit arrived from Spain/OpenCockpits two days ago and I have started building it now. I most say …
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  8. DIY MasterCard

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    14. January 2013 by Peter

    Things have been quiet for almost a month now – because I am so busy building. I have build a …
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  9. Christmas came early

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    21. December 2012 by Peter

    The UPS-guy just dropped of my OpenCockpits order – december 21st. Christmas time!!! 😀 It includes my interface-cards, some panels …
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  10. Phase 2 + 3

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    10. December 2012 by Peter

    OpenCockpit unit

    With the pedestal almost finished it is time to move on to the next phase because the pedestal must somehow …
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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
I post my progress on this blog and hope it can be an inspiration to others.