23. March 2022 by Peter

After many years of faithfull service I have swapped my old MPC with the CPflight MCP Pro. A beautiful piece of hardware. Together with the MCP I also swapped my 2 EFIS units with the CPflight EFIS Pro. So the entire section is now based on CPflight.

There are a few reasons for my swap. The old OpenCockpits MCP rings in at €450 from new where as the CPflight version is a staggering €1600 if bought from new. I bought this set used so the price tag was not that hefty. But of course there is a difference in quality when the price is 3 times as high. Let me point at some of the advantages of the CPflight over the OpenCockpits:

  • The build quality just is better. It comes with rounded corners, white digits.
  • The new autopilot unit is the Collins style where as the old OpenCockpits MCP was the Honeywell version. Not that is matters a whole lot when flying around. But I always liked the looks of the Collins better.
  • There are a few features missing on the OpenCockpits MCP like the bank angle limitation. However not essential functions.
  • The Auto Throttle switch is solenoid based. This means that when you disengage the A/T on the throttle it also disengages / flips down on the autopilot. This to me was one of the main selling points.

Also it opens up the CPflight eco system. Not an advantage over OpenCockpits. But if you at some point would like another CPflight module (Like a radio-unit) you need the MCP as a master unit. This clearly is a disadvantage of the CPflight series because it is an expensive buy-in just to get started. I like the multi-radio unit and there was an used one for sale last year. But I could not buy it because I missed the MCP.

On the other hand the OpenCockpits also comes with some advantages:

  • Much cheaper and still USB “Plug ‘n’ play”
    I know you need SIOC running. But let me tell you the CPflight was not plug’n’play either.
  • It has all the functions you need.
    Yeah you miss the Bank Angle limit, but common how often do you use it.

I also bought 2 EFIS units. My current EFIS unites are DIY build based on Hispapanels panels. Switching to Plug’n’Play high quality units surely makes a difference. The old units of course worked with out a problem. But there is a difference between DIY and a €500 unit. On a side note the DIY EFIS-units used two interface boards that I now can retire.


One thought on “New MCP

  1. Jerry McCarroll says:

    “There are a few features missing on the OpenCockpits MCP like the bank angle limitation”

    Peter, I’m not sure what version of the mcp you have. I have the v3. For Bank Angle you push and hold the Heading Knob as you turn it and each click adds different increments of Bank Angle. I don’t know if that was enabled on previous versions. I took me a while to discover that.

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