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  1. Reworking panels on the overhead

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    22. May 2019 by Peter

  2. January 2015 pictures


    19. January 2015 by Peter

    Cockpit view

    Here are a few pictures from the cockpit as off January 2015. Welcome – come’on ind I have mentioned the back …
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  3. I forgot to upload and include this video


    18. August 2014 by Peter

    About halv a year ago I wrote about how I make panels. In connection to this I made a video …
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  4. Flaps panel


    26. May 2014 by Peter

    On the AFT overhead there is a panel that shows the state of the flaps. On the one hand it …
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  5. Why not add an overhead


    8. August 2013 by Peter

    Just spotted an error: All gauges are too big. They should only be 5cm wide. I have drawn the overhead …
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  6. Status on the project


    8. August 2013 by Peter

    It is summer outside and not much is happening on the cockpit. At least no milestones but some small things …
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  7. Faulty DisplayCard?


    26. April 2013 by Peter

    One of my OpenCockpits display cards is starting to behave strangely. On this COM1 panel the left figure is connected …
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