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  1. Blew the fuses

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    5. February 2020 by Peter

    I bought two “new” (used) CDU’s last autumn and that let me to some rewiring of my MIP. It has …
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  2. 180 DEG FOV: Part 2: Calibrating projectors


    30. August 2017 by Peter

    After making a structure for my 180 degree Field of View and making calculations for the mounting of projectors I …
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  3. 180 deg FOV: Let’s draw

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    25. August 2017 by Peter

    The first start in making new visuals is trying to plan ahead and a plan requires a lot of inspiration …
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  4. Happy New Year


    5. January 2017 by Peter

    A happy new year to everyone around the globe following the progress of my small home cockpit project. It is …
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  5. The magic is gone


    7. November 2016 by Peter

    As you might know we are moving to a new house. It is getting closer. Today is Monday and on …
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  6. Still alive!

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    29. June 2016 by Peter

    Was that the first half of 2016 that just passed there? In a few days we are off for the …
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  7. Faulty DisplayCard?


    26. April 2013 by Peter

    One of my OpenCockpits display cards is starting to behave strangely. On this COM1 panel the left figure is connected …
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