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  1. Corona and ghosts

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    25. October 2020 by Peter

    I did a few posts about the intercom. Once I finish my videos and post things everything was working fine …
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  2. 3D printed annunciations


    3. September 2020 by Peter

    #d prints view from different angles

    3d printed annunciators. Great idea – poorly executed.

  3. Ian Sissons

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    22. February 2016 by Peter

    A true inspiration to the pit-building community died last week. I think most of you know him or at least …
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  4. Just one of those days

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    10. September 2015 by Peter

    Some you might remember my computer setup. One powerfull computer that runs FSX (And nothing else) and then some ond …
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  5. Where do you live

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    23. August 2014 by Peter

    So many of you guys write messages to me, asking about things or just leaving a comment. When you do …
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  6. Cockpit finally at some use


    15. January 2014 by Peter

    So the last year has been building-building-building.¬†But now the cockpit is at a state where is actually can be used …
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