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  1. Happy New Year 17-18

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    2. January 2018 by Peter

    2017 was supposed to be the year of the great rebuild. But things didn’t quite go that way. I have …
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  2. Installing the old shell

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    18. November 2017 by Peter

    It was my intention to build a new frame. However it is just not getting anywhere… I have mentioned before …
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  3. 180 deg FOV: Let’s draw

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    25. August 2017 by Peter

    The first start in making new visuals is trying to plan ahead and a plan requires a lot of inspiration …
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  4. Confused – on a higher level


    23. July 2017 by Peter

    I decided to follow the SimuJabs plans vigorously. At least that was the plan. But I have stumbled in to …
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  5. Let the rebuild begin


    29. May 2017 by Peter

    Hey chaps. Long time – no see. Finally it is possible to see the end of the renovation of our …
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  6. Fasten your seat belts

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    8. November 2015 by Peter

    I made a small box out of Foamalux the other day and printed a seat belt & no smoking sign. …
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  7. January 2015 pictures


    19. January 2015 by Peter

    Cockpit view

    Here are a few pictures from the cockpit as off January 2015. Welcome –¬†come’on ind I have mentioned the back …
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