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  1. SimConnect problems


    28. January 2018 by Peter

    I spend an entire afternoon and evening the other day trying to get SimConnect to work. I tried everything to …
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  2. Happy New Year 17-18

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    2. January 2018 by Peter

    2017 was supposed to be the year of the great rebuild. But things didn’t quite go that way. I have …
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  3. Pis! Møg! Lort!


    21. November 2017 by Peter

    EXPLICIT! (In Danish) I am swearing quite loud right now!!! I tried to re-mount my overhead tonight. While mounting the …
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  4. Installing the old shell

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    18. November 2017 by Peter

    It was my intention to build a new frame. However it is just not getting anywhere… I have mentioned before …
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  5. 180 deg FOV: Let’s draw

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    25. August 2017 by Peter

    The first start in making new visuals is trying to plan ahead and a plan requires a lot of inspiration …
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  6. Build A Boeing will close! (For a few months :-)


    27. September 2016 by Peter

    We just bought a new house!!! The house we live in at this point is not that big. But it …
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  7. Throttle rebuild


    31. July 2016 by Peter

    I have had some problems with my home build throttle. All switches, pots and LEDs are interfaced and the throttle …
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