January 2015 pictures


19. January 2015 by Peter

Here are a few pictures from the cockpit as off January 2015.

Welcome – come’on ind

I have mentioned the back wall before. Together with a primitive door it is possible to close the access to the cockpit. This both make a great entrance and helps keeping light out.

I have a small switch at the door so when it not is closed the “Cabin door UNLCKD”-annunciator lights up on the pedestal. One of those small cool features.

Cockpit door

Cockpit door

Light it up

Inside the cockpit I have installed two orange LED light bulbs on the back wall. It is connected to a 12v LED dimmer in the overhead. So it is possible to turn it down or completely off.

Ambient light

Ambient light

I saw two orange lamps when I was on a B737 flight last summer. They were easy to install. $4 for the bulbs, a LED dimmer and some wire.

In the picture below you can see the LED-bulb to the right and how it lights up the overhead.

Ambient lightning inside the cockpit

Ambient lightning inside the cockpit

Then I added a projector 

I finally found a projector that suited my needs and was cheep. WOW! A projector really takes it to a higher level!  The first picture below is just after push back in Hamburg.
Second picture shows what it is to go from a 24″ monitor and to a 100″ monitor. It is simply amazing!

Cockpit view

Cockpit view

A view from the captains seat

A view from the captains seat

At this point I use a IKEA curtain as projector screen. It works great for now.
My biggest problem is that I am used to having the monitor strait in front of me. Now it is streched over both the captains seat and the first officers seat. The problem is that the center of the view is moved from strait in front of me to the middle of the cockpit. That takes some time to get used to. 🙂


The cockpit anon January 2015

Another cool thing about having a projector is that I now can take pictures like this from the pedestal and up.


A look up

In the other news

Further more I have been making reworking the pedestal. There were a few loose connections in some of the displays. It should just take one evening to fix. But while I had it taken apart I also made the cargo fire panel, the weather radar panel, the SELCAL panel, the rudder trim-panel and (as mentioned before) the cabin door panel.

The knobs were also switched with new larger knobs. Perhaps a bit too big, but much better to use.


Pedestal view

Finally just a picture from the MIP.

Nothing new here. It just looks cool. 🙂



Take care



5 thoughts on “January 2015 pictures

  1. Ian Lane says:

    Congratulations on getting to the all important PROJECTOR STAGE Peter! At this stage of my meager build, I don’t think I’m ever going to get there. It has concerned me as well that the whole view we have been accustomed to viewing forever while using one monitor as outside view will be completely offset once you go to a projector view. I have always imagined that it would be worse in R/W when being promoted from an F/O (with RHS perspective) to Captain. It would take a lot of Sim time to get the muscle memory taught for opposite hand on the throttle etc I’m sure.

  2. Yakov Kraus says:

    At last it nice to hear that the hard work is paying

  3. Paul Wheatley says:

    Hi Peter, Well done, nice to see that big outside view (more projector details would be nice) looks good, like the back wall lights as well, been using your foamalux myself, doing ok,
    Regards Paul

    • Peter says:

      Hi Paul.
      Any specific details on the projector in your mind?
      My knowledge about the projector is actually quite limited, apart from the model-number Sanyo PLC-XE40. I had the model recommended by another builder.
      Cheers Peter

      • Paul Wheatley says:

        Hi Peter, now you have given make and model of projector I can find out details on the web. Thanks again for sharing, and of course keep them flying.
        Regards Paul

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