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  1. Plan for 2023


    23. January 2023 by Peter

    If there’s one thing, I’m good at it is postponing and delaying projects. In an attempt to avoid this for …
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  2. A good waste of €100?

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    18. November 2022 by Peter

    When you open buildaboeing.com the byline reads “A cockpit on a budget”. Well this thins was totally unnecessary and still …
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  3. Rewiring the Main Instrument Panel

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    30. October 2022 by Peter

    Rewiring the Main Instrument Panel is just taking forever! The whole project started because I switched from OpenCockpits MAsterCards to …
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  4. A boring post on a boring topic

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    30. August 2022 by Peter

    I am rewiring. It’s not very exciting and it is very time-consuming… At this point my cockpit is 9 years …
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  5. New MCP


    23. March 2022 by Peter

    After many years of faithfull service I have swapped my old MPC with the CPflight MCP Pro. A beautiful piece …
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  6. 3D printed annunciations


    3. September 2020 by Peter

    #d prints view from different angles

    3d printed annunciators. Great idea – poorly executed.

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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
I am building the cockpit of a Boeing 737 in my basement using my limited skills and inspiration from fellow builders.
I post my progress on this blog and hope it can be an inspiration to others.