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  1. Happy New Year 17-18

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    2. January 2018 by Peter

    2017 was supposed to be the year of the great rebuild. But things didn’t quite go that way. I have …
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  2. Pis! Møg! Lort!


    21. November 2017 by Peter

    EXPLICIT! (In Danish) I am swearing quite loud right now!!! I tried to re-mount my overhead tonight. While mounting the …
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  3. Happy New Year


    5. January 2017 by Peter

    A happy new year to everyone around the globe following the progress of my small home cockpit project. It is …
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  4. The magic is gone


    7. November 2016 by Peter

    As you might know we are moving to a new house. It is getting closer. Today is Monday and on …
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  5. Landing Light Toggle


    27. September 2016 by Peter

    I have always been on the look out for those Landing Light handles. Geremy at GBL have some made in aluminum; …
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  6. Two months later

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    1. May 2016 by Peter

    Two months down the trail. I kind of lost interest in my project in the first months of 2016. So …
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  7. Overhead in for a C-check

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    22. February 2016 by Peter

    I had a loose connection on my IRS-display. I did not display anything. So I started to fix it.  One …
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