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29. June 2016 by Peter

Was that the first half of 2016 that just passed there?

In a few days we are off for the summer vacation So I thought that I better give you an update on what has happened over the last half year.

Eyebrow windows

It might seem like a small thing. But I got those 16 pieces of wood painted grey. That was one of those things that I just never finished. On the back end off window 2 I have installed volume controls for my ATC sound. I still need to blind them using black cart board.

ATC sound setup

Finally done with the sound setup for online flights. The sound from the ATC is now channeled it to two amplifiers, one for the headsets (CPT+FO) and one for the speakers in the ceiling.
The sound input can come from a total of 4 microphones (Headset + Hand held mic on both sides). To ensure only one microphone is live at a time I use relays that only allows the mic input to pass through to Vpilot.
Ons of my problems with the sound set-up was low volume from the microphones. Especially my hand held microphones, that I had to rewire, failed to work. Then it turns out that I by accident had rewired the microphone it selv the wrong way around. I had no idea they had polarity. Well now I know and it works well.


My home made throttle was taken in to use in the spring. It works fine for most parts. It has a Pokeys card so it was easy to configure in Prosim. But one this has been causing me a lot of trouble: The servos. They would come loose because my mount not was good enough. And perhaps I bought some of them too cheap because two of them stopped working. And interfacing with prosim was never a succes.
Right now I am rebuilding it and hoping in one final attempt that it will work as suppose to.

Fasten eastbest for a bumpy ride

Well inside a throttle things are moving and forces are being applied. That is different from your normal panel. So a lot of things has fallen off or come loose including many switches.Perhaps hot glue not is the best of solutions for something like a throttle.

Near future

So I am fixing things inside the throttle these days. When (or “if”) everything works I might begin wrapping metal on top of the throttle to give it a nice finish.

Then if I find the time I did some cutouts half a year ago for a captains chair. We will se how that goes.

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