1. Eye ball air vents


    11. March 2019 by Peter

    For a few years I have been searching for those eye ball air vents that sits on the captians side …
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  2. More on 3d printing


    11. February 2019 by Peter

    I have had the 3d-printer for about a month. I absolutely love it! It really is the gift that keeps …
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  3. First days of 3d printing


    30. December 2018 by Peter

    Buttons being printed

    After having a 3d-printer for 4-5 days I am blown away! There are so many possibilities and many of the …
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  4. Entering a new phase

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    26. December 2018 by Peter

    Merry Christmas to everyone! My very sweet wife gave me a 3D printer in Christmas gift. After a day of …
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  5. New sidewalls


    4. November 2018 by Peter

    My word shed is without heating and it gets rather cold in the winter. So I have to focus the …
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  6. Updating the OpenCockpits ExpansionCard

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    20. July 2018 by Peter

    If you use OpenCockpits expantionBoards you might have noticed that the position of your switches not are registered by SIOC …
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  7. Sound setup for VATSIM

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    13. July 2018 by Peter

    On my old setup I had a setup for flying online on VATSIM. There was a lot of electronic noise …
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