Phase 2 + 3

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10. December 2012 by Peter

OpenCockpit unit

OpenCockpit B737 MCP-unit

With the pedestal almost finished it is time to move on to the next phase because the pedestal must somehow be interfaced with FS.

Further more with the pedestal building being (again almost) over it is time to focus on building the main panel / glareshield.

So it was time to place another order for cockpit-parts.

Interface-wise I have choosen to use OpenCockpits interface cards. It has been a bit difficult to find pros and cons of the different solutions. But the OC cards seems commonly used and the learning curve for the coding sound manageable. But I have no idea what I am going in to.

Further more I have ordered most of the panel-parts for the main panel. This includes gears, flaps, EFIS, DUs annunciators, warning lights, clock etc. And (I guess “the pearl”) a plug’n’play MCP/autopilot-unit from OpenCockpits.

To begin I plan to use my iPad as FMC. At some point I might buy a FMC (or at least a kit) but in order to keep somewhat control over the expenses the iPad will have to do for now. Not that this stage 2 + 3 is cheap (Please do not tell my wife): This weekends orders sum up to around €900! Aichs! 🙂

Right now I am just hoping that christmas will come a bit earlier this year. 🙂 Can’t wait!


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