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  1. It is the little things…

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    6. January 2022 by Peter

    Small details like the backlightning are setting me back by a few weeks.

  2. Converting OEM audio panel


    5. January 2021 by Peter

    About a year ago I bought a bunch of different OEM panels – That is real panels from an aircraft.I’ve …
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  3. 3D printed annunciations


    3. September 2020 by Peter

    #d prints view from different angles

    3d printed annunciators. Great idea – poorly executed.

  4. Rework of the pedestal

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    14. February 2020 by Peter

    The Pedestal was one of the forst things I builded for the cockpit. So I guess it is some 6 …
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  5. Eye ball air vents


    11. March 2019 by Peter

    For a few years I have been searching for those eye ball air vents that sits on the captians side …
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  6. More on 3d printing


    11. February 2019 by Peter

    I have had the 3d-printer for about a month. I absolutely love it! It really is the gift that keeps …
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  7. First days of 3d printing


    30. December 2018 by Peter

    Buttons being printed

    After having a 3d-printer for 4-5 days I am blown away! There are so many possibilities and many of the …
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