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14. January 2013 by Peter

Assembled MasterCard and the DIY MasterCard

Assembled MasterCard and the DIY MasterCard

Things have been quiet for almost a month now – because I am so busy building.

I have build a EFIS unit (More on that later) and checked that it worked yesterday.

The MIP-structure is also starting to take shape – more on that later as well. Right now I am cutting holes for the screens and instruments in the MIP and hope to paint it later this week.  Actually I have tried to take a few pictures of the MIP for this blog but the pictures has been of a bad quality that I would not show them.

Well what I just wanted to tell in this posting was that I builded a OC MasterCard yesterday. When I ordered from OpenCockpits I ordered one assembled MasterCard and one DIY version.

The DIY also finished (To the right)

The DIY also finished (To the right)

Yesterday I sat down and started soldering. It took about an hour and a half to get finished. Not bad I think. Actually it was quite easy and the most time consuming task was bending all the diodes.

I tested it last night and – surprise surprise – it actually works! 🙂

So instead of paying €66 for a MasterCard (incl VAT) the price can be lowered to €30. Quite a nice saving!

I hope to be able to start interfacing things in the next week. I am waiting for some dupont-housing from ebay that I ordered before Christmas. Hope they arrive soon so I can get all the wires connected to the MasterCards and DispalyCards.


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