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  1. New FSX computer

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    1. May 2013 by Peter

    I have made a list of new hardware that I would like to put in a newbuild FSX computer. However …
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  2. My long awaited


    5. April 2013 by Peter

    One of the worst things about this hobby is the waiting… The time it takes from ordering things on eBay …
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  3. Annunciators

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    23. January 2013 by Peter

    The MIP is starting to look like something from a cockpit! Today the 11 annunciators in the MIP were glued. …
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  4. Christmas came early

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    21. December 2012 by Peter

    The UPS-guy just dropped of my OpenCockpits order – december 21st. Christmas time!!! 😀 It includes my interface-cards, some panels …
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  5. Pedestal-panel arrived


    26. September 2012 by Peter

    So yesterday a small package from Belgium with the size of a shoe box arrived. The pedestal-panel! 🙂 The shipping …
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  6. First item bought


    12. September 2012 by Peter

    So, I have just ordered my first real part for the cockpit (not taking stuff from ebay in to account). …
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  7. Every Day is like Christmas


    29. August 2012 by Peter

    A few weeks ago I started ordering small things of eBay. Things like switches, wires, LEDs, diodes. These items have …
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