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21. March 2014 by Peter

We had some old computers at work that I could get my hands on for free. So right now I am setting up three “new” computers in my setup.

3 "new" computers

3 “new” computers (In the middle).

They are 2008-models, so they only house Intel Core 2 duo processors. Nevertheless it is great to be able to streamline the computer setup in different ways. First of all, all computers now have the same form factor; so they can be stacked. Second I need a few programs to run alone on a computer. Before ProSimDisplay took care of all three screens on one computer. This used too many resources for terrain to be displayed on the ND (Navigation display) I hope isolating the ND + PFD (Primary Flight Display) on one computer will free more resources so I will be able to see land again. The old computer (In ATX-format) is now going on the shelf for retirement.

Yet another Spaghettiland

Yet another Spaghettiland

However taking an old computer out of the equation and adding three new introduced a new piece of “Spaghetti-Land”. But after a few days things are looking nice and tidy.

All computer came with newly installed Windows 7 and it has taken me quite many days to run Windows Update over and over to get the computers up to a stable state.

Each computer only has one display output so I am only able to connect one screen per computer. This however means that I – at this point – have to use a single computer on my FMC. Perhaps a bit of waste to use a computer for just that…


4 thoughts on “More power

  1. Flying finnish says:

    I hope to see more progress ! Im from finland and looking forward to create my own cockpit on future, im still student so i don’t have money to do so.. Yet ! 🙂 This blog is very helpfull ! Could you make video of how to do very simple connection of switch , potentiometer and led with pro sim ? I don’t have pro sim but as far i know it’s the software to “talk” with all switches and IO and transfer that to game itself.

    Keep up good work !

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Finland.
    It all depends on what kind of interface card you use.
    But it is in no way rocket science! (But then again I have heard that rocket science isn’t rocket science anymore…)
    Cheers Peter

    • Flying finnish says:

      I think it’s changed from past 😉

      Im going to use opencockpits interface cards. Do they have coupling sheets at the packet ? My request for you is to show how to add buttons and potentiometers on system like you did in this picture :
      Plus how to conficure pro sim to understand when i press the button or dim the potentiometer.. Would be cool 🙂

      • Peter says:

        I’ll look it to it at some point. Otherwise the documentation on the MasterCard from OpenCockpits also helps. It is not the easiest to read, but still good as reference.

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