iFly 30% off! Today!


14. December 2014 by Peter

ifly_737_cockpit_builder_editionI use the ProSim737 suite, and is very satisfied with it. I would recommend it (and I do) to every one.

But the price tag is quite high. There is a cheaper alternative, the iFly737 Cockpit builders edition. And it is 30% off until monday 15DEC. Price without VAT is just €235 (compared to Prosim €600).

I do not know anything about the iFly737 suite as I have used Prosim737 since day one. But it might be worth taking a look at. I also know about iFly users (normal edition) that have switched to Prosim. So do you homework and research before throwing hundreds of euros after a piece of software!

But if you think iFly737 might be for you, head over to the Aerosoft shop (Or any other shop that has the discount) and get it. Direct link to the aerosoft webshop.

And let me just say: I am in no way affiliated with Aerosoft or get payed anything by posting this or if you click the link. I just think it is a good offer that might get some of you going rather cheap. 


One thought on “iFly 30% off! Today!

  1. Roel says:

    Thanks for the ifly tip!!!
    I use the ily ng, works great, and this is à big discount.
    I just placed the order 😃

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