Landing Light Toggle


27. September 2016 by Peter

I have always been on the look out for those Landing Light handles. Geremy at GBL have some made in aluminum; at £ 30 they seem to be a good deal. But when adding the postage I would end in €55. I know this is an expensive hobby; but still I thought there ought to be alternatives that could get me started for less.

While browsing the internet I stumbled across a russian forum for A-10 Warthog builders. And there they were! 3D printed landing light toggles. The watermark on the pictures said so that suggested that they came from Denmark where I also live. I I wrote the guy an email and it turns out Daniel behind lives just 150 km from my home.

So I ordered 4 switches at €16 total.

They are 3D printed in grey plastic. You most fit the 3 ball you self and they fir the shaft of the large toggle switches (the 12 mm hole switches).

I decided to give mine a layer of metallic paint (I had some left over from out old grey metallic car).

They turned out pretty good.


And just to clarify: I am not affiliated with Daniel or getting anything from mentioning his product.


One thought on “Landing Light Toggle

  1. james hillegus says:

    Thank you so much for this tip! I just purchased a set. I too had been struggling with the cost of these little buggers. I now have 4 switch covers for less than the cost of 1!
    I have learned so much at your site. Thank you.

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