Thank you FlyTampa!


10. November 2014 by Peter

Last week FlyTampa released their Copenhagen Kastrup EKCH scenery. One word: WOW!!!

This is a truly amazing scenery! I have included some of FlyTampas own pictures in this posting. And to my surprise things looked the same in my sim. I was surprised because screenshots often are maxed out and photo filters gives a nicer feel. Here, what you see is what you get.

Just look at the textures on the screenshot!


Amazing asphalt textures!

When looking at this new scenery even Aerosofts more recent mega airpots seems outdated!  Here is a shot of a stand that I often use, stand A21. Try and compare this to one of you favorite MegaAirpot sceneries. Some of my favorite airports are Munich, Hamburg and Amstardam. None of the above even gets close to the realism in the scenery.


Stand A21

There was another Copenhagen scenery released some years ago by Scansim. Somewhat cheap, and it looked like the real thing. But the textures was blurry and there were some more serious design bugs (Like taxiway markings disappearing). This is totally different league. Yes there are also small flaws in the FlyTampa (Like a traffic cone on the taxiway) and it has a heavy impact on you frames if you max it. But it is well worth those extra euros.


The A-finger

So get your Visa-card out and come visit os on Vatsim at WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN!

Thankyou FlyTamps for this beauty!

One thought on “Thank you FlyTampa!

  1. Chas says:

    Wonderfully inspirational stuff! And just a simple question… What does that when I think about all this?

    Is there a vid or stills of all this functioning?

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