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  1. Use 23” monitors


    8. February 2020 by Peter

    Since I started this project the norm has been to use 19 inch monitors af Primary Flight Display / Navigation …
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  2. Projector


    15. January 2015 by Peter

    Sanyo PLC-XE40

    Up until now I have been using a single 24″ monitor af outside view. Not in any way an ideal …
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  3. Thank you FlyTampa!


    10. November 2014 by Peter

    Last week FlyTampa released their Copenhagen Kastrup EKCH scenery. One word: WOW!!! This is a truly amazing scenery! I have …
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  4. More power


    21. March 2014 by Peter

    We had some old computers at work that I could get my hands on for free. So right now I …
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  5. FMC part 6 – screen sizes


    28. February 2014 by Peter

    Before I bought the OpenCockpits FMC kit I was also looking at different options for a screen. The PSone is a …
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  6. Hello mail man


    31. January 2014 by Peter

    This came with the mail today. My DIY FMC (and som additional interface cards). Let’s See how it goes…

  7. Overhead mounted

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    22. October 2013 by Peter

    I got the FWD overhead mounted in the cockpit last weekend! It just adds an amazing ambience to have an …
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  8. Why not add an overhead


    8. August 2013 by Peter

    Just spotted an error: All gauges are too big. They should only be 5cm wide. I have drawn the overhead …
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  9. Com’on com’on FedEx guy!


    4. October 2012 by Peter

    “I love my fed-ex guy cause he’s a drug dealer and he doesn’t even know it…and he’s always on time.” …
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  10. First item bought


    12. September 2012 by Peter

    So, I have just ordered my first real part for the cockpit (not taking stuff from ebay in to account). …
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My name is Peter and I live in Denmark.
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