Moving on to P3D


12. January 2016 by Peter


Once again I have had one of those periods where I have been away fro the cockpit for a long time. I have not been flying much and after I finished phase one of the throttle I kinda needed a break.

Actually I had planned to use some of the days around christmas and new year to get some flying done. You know, get in to the cockpit in the morning and do some legs across Europe. One trip that was it! One!

Two reasons for that. First of all time with the family! That is very important! Second I bought the ORBX package (Base+Vector+EU LC) on sale. And when I installed it I figured it was about time to tweak my fix.cfg to get some better graphics. From that point I never completed a single flight. Whenever I turned final FSX just OOM’ed (Out of memory) and crashed. I even tried to restore the old cfg-file. But no luck. So I thought now is the time. and I went ahead and bought Prepar3D v3.1

logo-prepar3dI took the computer out from the cockpit and in to the office next door so I could sit a bit more comfortably when installing everything frem fresh. (Deliberate)  I formatted both the windows hand flights harddrives and started on a all fresh.

It is just about a week since I bought P3D and I have not yet been bale to put the computer back in to the cockpit. I am now on my third fresh windowsinstallation and fifth P3D installation. Everything has been smooth up until I started installing add-on sceneries. Then P3D just halted. I have been clueless because all sceneries has been P3D v3 ready. But after selecting aircraft and starting airport Prepar3D always just stopped responding.

Yesterday I figured out that this most likely is due to a P3D memory leak with the Night Environment products (A P3D error that occurs in v3.1, not v3.0). So yesterday evening I tried a new installation of Prepar3D and my add-on sceneries but with out the Night Environment packages. So far it seems to work fine! Both with Prepar v3-sceneries, but also v2 and old FSX sceneries. I still have a few to install but hopefully I will be able to get the computer back in the the cockpit in the weekend.

Many have said that after they switched to P3D they never look back. I guess that sounds pretty fair considering that FSX is almost 10 years old this point. Hopefully I will be able to give you some first impressions in the next weeks – and most importantly I hope this will be the end of OOM’s!

The good thing that has come from all this reinstalling is that I have spend the time in front of the computer reding a book while waiting for the different installers to finish. Almost finished it by now.

One thought on “Moving on to P3D

  1. Mario Richard says:

    HI Peter, I follow your cockpit project progress all the time and I’m using a lot of your ideas for my built. It wont be as in details as yours but it will do for me. I keep it simple and I also fly different aircrafts so my pit will be more multi airplanes oriented. I’m also using P3D v2.5 with the estonia migration tool to install fsx based aircraft and sceneries. I also use FTX global and Vertor wich add beautiful sceneries & graphics. Also I’m using Active Sky Next for weather is really the top of the weather programs out there.I will never go back to FSX. I did not have any CTD since I fly with P3D. I have decided to stay with P3D v2.5 (it works good for me) until they come up the 64 bit version of P3D. I know they are working on it but who knows when it will be ready.

    I wanted to Thank you again for the time you are spending detailing your work for us. It is really appreciated.


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