Bought a printer


21. August 2014 by Peter

Another amazingly cool thing with Prosim is that you are able to print things from the FMC/CDU.

All you need to do it to connect a USB printer to your Prosim computer and you are off. Best of course is a thermal printer like you know from shops. That can be placed inside the cockpit.

I bought a (used) Citizen CBM 1000-II for only €40. Hopefully I will – at some point – be able to fit it into the cockpit.

But for now I am just printing METARs.

I have installed a (free) addon to ProSim called ProSimUtils. This can act like an ACARS unit that (via can send and receive messages. Right now I am struggling to figure out what can be send and received. It seems like I with the next few days also will have to buy the program Topcat that calculates weights and performance. With the three (Topcat, Hoppie and Prosim Utils) I should be able to produce weight sheets in Topcat and via Hoppie send them to my CDU from where they can be printed.

More on this later.


2 thoughts on “Bought a printer

  1. Claus says:

    Hi Peter

    Looks fantastic. Where did you buy this printer ? Ebay ?

    What about ATIS, can it print that as well, and did you manage to correct the margin ?


    • Peter says:

      Købt på Den Blå Avis /
      The margin issue has been noted at a DEV-XXX by the Prosim team. So no solution for that yet.
      I bought “TopCat” yesterday that should supply me with performance data. But have not had time to look in to all the possibilities yet.

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