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  1. Backlight OC MCP

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    16. March 2014 by Peter

    So – along with all My other projects – I am working on the top part of the MIP where …
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  2. Cheap gauge


    1. February 2014 by Peter

    Okay, so this is my take on how you can make your own gauges. The cost is under under $10. …
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  3. Hello mail man


    31. January 2014 by Peter

    This came with the mail today. My DIY FMC (and som additional interface cards). Let’s See how it goes…

  4. Oh fuck!


    11. January 2014 by Peter

    I have been mounting different things in the cockpit today. A reworked ADF-radio, frames for the screens. And just ten …
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  5. Status on the project


    8. August 2013 by Peter

    It is summer outside and not much is happening on the cockpit. At least no milestones but some small things …
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  6. MIP panel dimensions


    15. April 2013 by Peter

    After building a simple structure for the MIP I used the weekend to make additional parts that can be used …
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  7. Main instrument panel details


    15. April 2013 by Peter

    This posting is a video-tour of how I have made my MIP. Back side A lesson learned from my pedestal-work …
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