Use 23” monitors


8. February 2020 by Peter

Since I started this project the norm has been to use 19 inch monitors af Primary Flight Display / Navigation display (PFD / ND). An old standard 19″ fits inside the MIP with a small margin on each side – but something that can be tolerated.

Using the 19″ monitors you have room for a physical clock on each side. I think it was the build of those units that got me thinking. Making a mechanic watch with 7-segment displays is quite complex. Actually it ended up as one of the projects I never even started. I managed to get 7-segment displays installed after six years. And that was that.

So at the end I tore out the old 19″ monitors and replaced them with some wide-ration 23″ monitors. It covers both the PFD and ND as well as the clock.

19″ monitor gone.

Between my monitors and MIP I have a piece of glass. Real glass. That gives a shiny look. But it also creates a bit of a distance between the monitor and the panel fronts. Just enough room to mount some 6mm tact switches for the clock.

6×6 mm tact switches mounted on a piece of plexiglass

The downside to using 23″ monitors is that you not are able to mount the “Nose Gear ALT” switch. I am never going to use that switch anyway. So I will just glue a switch guard on.

When looking for 22 / 23″ monitors you must make sure that they are wide ratio. Normal ratio for 23″ screens is too high. So you will end up with your screen sticking out below your panels.

New monitor on its way in


2 thoughts on “Use 23” monitors

  1. Sam Boothman says:

    Hi Peter,

    It is good to see you posting again, I have been following your blog for a while now and check it every month or so. What model/make of 23-inch monitor did you go for?


    • Peter says:

      Actually I found the model-number on one of them. It is an “Acer V233H bd”. It is from 2009, so quite old and perhaps easy to pick up second hand

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