Blew the fuses

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5. February 2020 by Peter

I bought two “new” (used) CDU’s last autumn and that let me to some rewiring of my MIP. It has always been somewhat a mess behind my MIP with wires laying around. With 2×3 new wires going through the back og the MIP I thought it was time to use some cable binders and get things organised.

I have not totally eliminated it. Some of my dupont wires from the interface cards are a tat short so I am not able to run them along the corners.

However I have been able to rewire my monitor cables and power cables which did help quite a bit. So the back of the MIP looks (somewhat) tidy now.


After a few weeks I was ready. Everything was running nicely in channels. The high voltage wires had been rewired to the length fitted the cockpit. Everything was perfect and so I turned the power on – and


I blew a fuse and half the house was dark.

I was quite horrified. Not by blowing a fuse that happens now and then. But I had been so carefull. Checked and double checked and I was certain everything was okay.

So that was quite a set back. It actually took me a few weeks before I entered the cockpit again. But I had to find the error.

So I unplugged everything on the high voltage side (All power plugs) but able everything going into the computers (The fuse blew when I turned the power on for the 3 computers). Everything was fine. Phew! 🙂

Then I connected everything one thing at a time. First ond computer at a time. No errors.
Then one USB plugged back in to computers at a time. Again no errors!

So I ended right where I started. The very same configuration. The same things plugged in. But no fuses blown.

I do suspect one of the USB-hubs. I found a 5v power supply I had laying around for a while. It was the only new thing in the cockpit. And perhaps it just malfunctioned after being brought back to life after a few years.

So now everything is working again !


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