New EICAS screens


5. April 2020 by Peter

After installing a second CDU I had to unmount mt lower EICAS screen.

I could turn the screen 90 deg then it would fit between the CDUs. But my upper EICAS screen is too high (read: Sticks out underneath). So I am not able to turn the lower EICAS 90 degrees.

So I had to change my beloved 15″ upper EICAS-screen.

I had two 14,1 inch laptop screens laying around. The screens are model-numbered: LP141WP1 and can be found for as low as $20 on eBay. This is just the screen. You also need a controller board that converts the signals from your computer. I bought a M.NT68676.2A board. But just make a scearch for your screen model number abd “Board. So search for “LP141WP! Board“. The board costs around $25. So a total of less than $50 gives you the screens necessary for a EICAS And you need two.

I used to recommend 2x 19″ and 1×15″ monitors for the Main Instrument Panel. That has changed now to:

  • 2x widescreen 23″. These covers PFD, ND And the clock.
  • 2x 14,1″ laptop screens for the lower EICAS and upper EICAS + 2 Stand by instruments.

2 thoughts on “New EICAS screens

  1. Gareth says:

    Hey Peter. I have also purchased the same screen and controller board. However, I’m getting power to the board but the screen is very dark and I can only just make out what is on the screen. The brightness and contrast settings are at 100%. Could there be an issue with the board or screen? Maybe input voltage?

    • Peter says:

      Hi Gareth.
      This might sound strange. But what if you turn the screen? Sometimes it has to do with the viewing angle.
      Otherwise I am out of ideas.
      Cheers Peter

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