Moving the CDU to a new computer

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21. November 2017 by Peter

In my rebuild a goal is bringing the number of computers down. So far I eliminated one.

The one I took out was the one that my MCP, EFIS and CDU was connected to. It took a while before getting the things working. A few things worth remembering:

  • In ProsimMCP the driver must be specified again. I am using a OpenCockpits Plug’n’play. It was just a matter of ticking the right box.
  • I was not able to get the EFIS working. So I started manually configuring variables in Prosim. Mistake. All I had to du was to tick “EFIS” in ProsimMCP. Then the EFIS worked as well. So I had to delete the variables again from the settings. Before I did so all buttons had double presses (Because it was activated in two ways) and the barometer modes 5 hpa per turn.
  • CDU puzzled me. Could not get it to work. Finally I realised that the “Offset” setting in ProsimCDU must be set. My CDU starts at “var 50” in my SIOC-script. So setting the offset to 50 and “voila”. It worked.

Easiest way to move these things is just copying your config-files from the old computer.


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