The magic is gone


7. November 2016 by Peter

As you might know we are moving to a new house. It is getting closer. Today is Monday and on Saturday we will move everything. That also means that I have started to dismantle the cockpit. It is going pretty fast. Only took about 4 hours to get all the way in the the MIP.

This picture is 2 hours in to the process. When looking at it the magic is somewhat gone.

Everything has been thrown in to boxes ready to move.

In the new house my dear wife has – wisely – filled the future cockpit-room with floor board that I need to install in the rest of the house before I can get room for the cockpit. Clever!

Earlier I said that I planed to reinstall everything quickly. I might deviate a bit from that plan. When taking the cockpit apart I saw how many quick-fixes I have made on the structure. I have no chance of rebuilding it. I am left with 20 small pieces of wood that I have no idea where to use. There is no way I will be able to reconstruct it.

So I am planning of making a new structure using the SimuJabs layout which you can find here:

Happy Landings



2 thoughts on “The magic is gone

  1. Claus Hansen says:

    Wow, what a work !! All those wires and cables. But perhaps it’s a good exercise. Everything been more structured when things are getting together again. I would not like to move mine, but you will probably get a great room for your cockpit looking forward to follow your progress.


  2. sim737ngx says:

    Congrats Peter. Very nice to see you have a more space for the sim. Take the time to set it up and cant wait to see it come alive.

    good Luck

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