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  1. Light controls


    3. March 2015 by Peter

    I would try to play a bit around with relays a month ago. So I bought some 5v relays. The OpenCockpits …
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  2. Projector


    15. January 2015 by Peter

    Sanyo PLC-XE40

    Up until now I have been using a single 24″ monitor af outside view. Not in any way an ideal …
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  3. Gauges


    14. December 2014 by Peter

    Once you get the basics of making those gauges they are being produces at a rate as if it was …
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  4. The electric circuit

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    30. October 2014 by Peter

    A few of you have asked me if I could show how I made the Electrical Display. I would love …
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  5. Electrical display


    18. September 2014 by Peter

    Wiiiee!!! 🙂 Finally all digits on the overhead is working! Yesterday I made the Electrical Display. It was fairly easy. …
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  6. Mount cdu

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    17. September 2014 by Peter

    The OpenCockpits CDU/FMC really misses an EXEC light. I have made two options on my DIY CDU: 1) A 3mm …
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  7. EFIS 2


    18. August 2014 by Peter

    A few months ago I made my second EFIS for the cockpit. The main reason is not “Because there are …
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  8. A cardboard roof


    15. August 2014 by Peter

    Over the summer I have been working on different things in the cockpit such as Glare wings and finishing everything …
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  9. Danger! High Voltage!

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    13. August 2014 by Peter

    So last week one of the power sockets in my basement more or less exploded and the basement went all …
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  10. Flaps panel


    26. May 2014 by Peter

    On the AFT overhead there is a panel that shows the state of the flaps. On the one hand it …
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