Servo fixing


31. July 2016 by Peter

One of the servos in my throttle has been causing me a lot of problems. Latest I got stuck and refused to move. However I was able to none the handle but the servo would not move.

I replaced the servo to day and then I opened the old servo. It turned out the gears inside were wrecked. The teeth was grinder and a pin was bended.

“Luckily” I had a spare servo – that I applied 12v to earlier on – so I have been bale to replace the gears.


2 thoughts on “Servo fixing

  1. Dayron says:

    I have a question that is driving me crazy, which kind of servo you use and if they can move manually when they are off, for example when auto-throttle is of and you just want to adjust power manually, I have bought just 1 servo to do some test, but it won’t move manually. Thanks

    • Peter says:

      For testing in the throttle I use some no-name heavy duty servos from eBay. They were not very good.
      But to answer your question: Yes it is possible. However I have had one of the servos getting jammed thus not being able to move it.

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