Still having problems with my ATC sound-setup

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26. October 2015 by Peter

The vatsim sound-setup has caused me many headaches.

I might have mentioned this before. I would like to have 4 microphones – a headset and hand held on each side. But the sound for the ATC should only com from the microphone being used. But I always ended up with a lot of static sound.

s-l1600So latest I bought a $15 audio relay board in a hope to minimise the static noise – in case it was caused by my bad soldering. But as soon as I powered up the board one of the capacitors blew up.

So now I am waiting for new capacitor to arrive all the way from China. As always it takes 3 weeks for items to arrive.

My current plan is to wire all microphones directly to the switching board. And from there to the computer. The PTT (Push to talk) signal from the PTT switch will also go to another relay that manages the PTT signal to the computer. making vPilot aware that the PTT button is being pushed.

More on this later.

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