Throttle rebuild


31. July 2016 by Peter

I have had some problems with my home build throttle.

All switches, pots and LEDs are interfaced and the throttle is working I can use it for flights. And – boy – it feels great to move those handles and apply a bit of thrust and see the aircraft move forward.

But I have had a few problems. Switches has come loose and I had to take the throttle apart in order to remount them. But more importantly I have had problems with the servos.

Some was not mounted good enough so they came loose by their own force. But it has been the servo for handle 1 that has been causing me the most problems. For some strange reason it has will always move to 65% N1 when I turn on the A/T. Lately it has been stuck at that position so I was not able to move the handle.

Tonight I have taken the throttle out of the cockpit and I will use a few days (weeks) rebuilding it.


3 thoughts on “Throttle rebuild

  1. dennis says:

    hello peter

    you have not chance your servo;s for the throttel in the same way ,
    In prosim you must change the glider from right to left , and the other servo left to right,
    dennis from holland

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