Com’on com’on FedEx guy!


4. October 2012 by Peter

“I love my fed-ex guy cause he’s a drug dealer and he doesn’t even know it…and he’s always on time.”

Well my kind of drugs is called encoders, rotary switches and Kingbright SC36-11 displays.

After a bit of calculations I chose to order most electronic parts from last Tuesday. They have free shipping on orders above €65 . So does many vendors on eBay. But Mouser uses FedEx and things should arrive within 3 days!

Via the tracking number I can see that my parcel right now has left Paris, and that it should arrive tomorrow. It is truly an amazing piece of logistics that they got running there. I remember I saw a NatGeo feature on the FedEx terminal in Memphis (Or was it UPS, well never mind) some time ago. All aircrafts fly in in the evening everythings gets unloaded redistributed and loaded again with in hours. And then an armada of aircrafts takes to the skies. The picture below is from flightradar24 taken around midnight US-times and shows departures from Memphis, TN. It is the invation of FedEx aircrafts! WOW!


So I am just watching the little yellow aircrafts on my screen these days and waiting for my drugs to arrive – tomorrow evening.

My order from Mouser was on:
CTS 288-encoders at €2,18, Kingbright SC36-11 displays at €0,7 a piece, 12 pos rotary switches at €1 and finally a 4 pos rotary switch for the Fuel Cross Feed in the overhead.

Now I should have all displays, encoders and rotary switches for both pedestal, MIP and overhead.

Other things such as LED-diodes, toggle switches, push buttons and other small stuff has been orders from eBay or TaydaElectronics (See their Facebook page for discound codes). Furthermore I found cheep M3 Hex spacers on DealExtreme. and M3 Hex spacers.

With regard to customs in Denmark there is a limit of DKK80 (=€11/$14) on what you can buy outside the EU without paying customs (+ fees). But with Mouser the local VAT (25 % in Denmark) is added when you pay. That way I hope that there should be no extra fees when it arrives tomorrow. If so, buying from Mouser should be “safe” with regards to customs fee; but the VAT is then added to the price. Still getting it from Mouser was both cheaper and faster than any other options.

2 thoughts on “Com’on com’on FedEx guy!

  1. Peter says:

    And only 40 hours after I placed the order the FedEx guy came by.
    I am still amazed that you can get a parcel half way around the globe in just 40 hours!

  2. Congratulations indeed for this amazing “flying” piece of art. May I ask you to share with us the Bills of Quantities, since I am lazy and do not want to re invent the wheel ? keep it up !

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