First item bought


12. September 2012 by Peter

So, I have just ordered my first real part for the cockpit (not taking stuff from ebay in to account).

I hope to be able to start with a cockpit that more or less functions with out having additional keyboards laying around. This includes some sort of pedestal for the most used radios. This includes a COM radio, 2 NAVs, a ADF and the transponder as a minimum. I have been looking at both OpenCockpits and HispaPanels. The panels them self would cost between €100-€150. Not including electronics – just the panels. And so the other day I found ProSimParts. It is a belgian guy that has some (on pictures) nice products. So I have just bought his pedestal-panels for €180.

Instead just having 5 panel-parts in my pedestal and lot of empty space I will have a complete pedestal. Many parts will not be working to begin with. But (With electronics from other suppliers) I will have working radios and a complete pedestal that can provide a good illusion.

ProSimParts products looks very nice in pictures, and the reviews I have read on myCockpit is also fairly good. Check out their radio-stack bundle. Looks amazing on picture! Of course you get what you pay for. But at €180 a complete pedestal (again without electronics) seems like the best buy comparing to €300+ from Hispapanels.

I also looked at a GLB in the UK and Poldragonet. But the GLB version missed a few annunciators and would be almost €100 more expensive. Poldragonet I never heard  from after I emailed them. Throwing over €200 after some one who do not reply does not seem like i good idea. Also from the only high res picture I finally found on Google the Poldragonet panel did not look that good. On a side note the poldragonet webpage really could use some better pictures.

So all there is left at this point is to wait for the mail man every day; and – oh I almost forgot – start building that cockpit. 🙂


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