FMC part 6 – screen sizes


28. February 2014 by Peter

OpenCockpits FMC. This is the visible area ("A")

OpenCockpits FMC.
This is the visible area (“A”)

Before I bought the OpenCockpits FMC kit I was also looking at different options for a screen. The PSone is a well known solution. But it also requires a used unit that you have to dismantle. Furthermore as it is used who knows if it is a faulty unit you buy from across the globe and compared to other screens it is a bit expensive.

But when I was looking I realized that I had no idea what dimensions to look for. I knew wide-screens was a no-go. It had to be 3:4-ratio. But which sizes?

Now I ended up with the PSone screen, but in case other builders ends up in the same situation I will provide you with the dimensions here (all are give/take some mm’s):

  –  A  –  
The visible screen area on the FMC / The transparent part when viewed from the front is 78mm x 103mm (HxW). So you screen should be larger than this.

Back of the FMC "B" is  "C" is

Back of the FMC
“B” is the hole in the plexiglas around the white screen
“C” is the white part

  –  B  –  
On the backside there is a mounting hole in the FMC-kit where the screen should fit. The mounting hold is 96mm x 119mm (HxW). Your screen – including brezel/frame – should be smaller than this.

  –  C  –
As reference the PSone screen is 93mm x 115mm (HxW).

This is after you have stripped the screen.

Hopefully this will make it easier to search on eBay for a screen that uses a newer technology than the s-video solution.


As I also mention in FMC Part 8 I gave up getting my PSone screen working and ordered this screen from eBay. In case the link is broken I bought the AT050TN22 screen and the “KYV-N2 V1” driver board as a bundle.

Most FMC-tutorials mention the PSone screen as the way to go. But that most have been many years ago. Nowadays you can get a new screen must cheaper than your average used PSone screen on eBay. And you can get the screen with VGA, DVI and/or HDMI input. Using the PSone you have to go through quite a hazzle to get it working with signal converters or soldering wires on to the circuit board.


2 thoughts on “FMC part 6 – screen sizes

  1. Les says:

    Nice FMC build, can u tell me what the viewable dimensions of your lcd was. The ebay link does not give these. Thanks

    • Peter says:

      Hi Les.
      I never got the PsOne screen to work. I mention this later down the road in [Part 8]. I will make sure to update the posting.
      So I bought one of these in stead: GTI050TN22. The active area is 101.568(W)×76.176(H)mm. It is 2 mm to short, but you will never notice (Or my original measurements or the ruler I used was a bit off).
      I ordered it from [eBay]. In case the link is broken I bought the AT050TN22 screen and the “KYV-N2 V1″ driver board as a bundle.
      It is cheaper than the PsOne screen and easier to work with.

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