I forgot to upload and include this video


18. August 2014 by Peter

About halv a year ago I wrote about how I make panels.

In connection to this I made a video about it. However I never uploaded it. I have done so now and included the video in the original posting. But you can also see it here.


3 thoughts on “I forgot to upload and include this video

  1. Jorge says:


  2. Brian says:

    To what kind of board are the displays connected to ? And is it possible to control the displays with just the basic fsx Boeing 737-800 model ? Thank you

    • Peter says:

      Hi Brian.
      The displays are wired to OpenCockpits. So you need the OpenCockpits Display-Card to run the numbers. Then you also need a OpenCockpits MasterCard for all switches and LEDs and finally it must all be connected to your computer using an OpenCockpits Expansion Board.
      Regarding using the default B738 it should be possible using FSUIPC. However I have never tried it, so I am not able to help you on that matter.
      Regards Peter

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