I forgot to upload and include this video


18. August 2014 by Peter

About halv a year ago I wrote about how I make panels.

In connection to this I made a video about it. However I never uploaded it. I have done so now and included the video in the original posting. But you can also see it here.

7 thoughts on “I forgot to upload and include this video

  1. Jorge says:


  2. Brian says:

    To what kind of board are the displays connected to ? And is it possible to control the displays with just the basic fsx Boeing 737-800 model ? Thank you

    • Peter says:

      Hi Brian.
      The displays are wired to OpenCockpits. So you need the OpenCockpits Display-Card to run the numbers. Then you also need a OpenCockpits MasterCard for all switches and LEDs and finally it must all be connected to your computer using an OpenCockpits Expansion Board.
      Regarding using the default B738 it should be possible using FSUIPC. However I have never tried it, so I am not able to help you on that matter.
      Regards Peter

  3. Peter in the video where you make the adf panel you mentioned someones help in using single encoders with a push and turn to do the decimal you could point me in the direction of that help please

    • Peter says:

      It is coded in SIOC. So my solution only works if you use OpenCockpits cards.
      If you do I have a copy of my SIOC script on the blog and then head down the file for the ADF / NAV / COM-radios. The function is marked by a comment.
      It works very good. Turn for integers and push+turn for decimals.
      Last year I started looking for dual encoders but was not able to find any unless I wanted them shipped for $100 across the world.

      • Many thanks. Yes I use oc master cards.
        Leo bodner have dual encoders at £20 each

      • Peter says:

        Look here: https://buildaboeing.com/2015/03/20/sioc-script/

        Input 31 is the push.
        Input 29+30 is the encoder.

        Var 6294, name nav1_encoder, link IOCARD_SW, input 31, device 1
        Var 6295, name nav1_enc_int
        Var 6296, name nav1_enc_dec

        Var 6205, name nav1_enc_tune, Link IOCARD_ENCODER, Device 1, Input 29, Aceleration 1, Type 2
        IF &voltbattbus 0
        IF &nav1_encoder = 1
        l0 = &nav1_enc_tune * -5
        l1 = &nav1_dec + l0
        if l1 95
        l1 = 0
        &nav1_dec = l1
        CALL &nav1_enc
        l0 = &nav1_enc_tune * -1
        l1 = &nav1_int + l0
        if l1 117
        l1 = 108
        &nav1_int = l1
        CALL &nav1_enc

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