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  1. Overhead in for a C-check

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    22. February 2016 by Peter

    I had a loose connection on my IRS-display. I did not display anything. So I started to fix it.  One …
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  2. Aloha Pololu


    19. April 2015 by Peter

    I installed a Pololu Meastro Servo card the other day in the cockpit. The reason was that the OpenCockpits card …
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  3. Gauges


    14. December 2014 by Peter

    Once you get the basics of making those gauges they are being produces at a rate as if it was …
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  4. The electric circuit

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    30. October 2014 by Peter

    A few of you have asked me if I could show how I made the Electrical Display. I would love …
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  5. Electrical display


    18. September 2014 by Peter

    Wiiiee!!! 🙂 Finally all digits on the overhead is working! Yesterday I made the Electrical Display. It was fairly easy. …
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  6. Interface gauge

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    17. September 2014 by Peter

    As I never tried anything else than Prosim I have no idea how to interface a gauge in SIOC with …
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  7. Pictures


    2. June 2014 by Peter

    I found my old DSLR-camera the other day. So here are some pictures from the cockpit. Some of the pictures …
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