I splashed out – Eyebrow windows


31. January 2021 by Peter

Two things always been a struggle in my cockpit build. One thing is too many USB-wires which causes interfere cards to drop out and all the instability around OpenCockpits. The other thing is the structure and getting things to look nice.

So a few years ago I promised my selv that once I found some eyebrow windows for sale from a real B737 I should just go ahead and but them. And so I did this Christmas.

I found some eyebrow windows in Germany as a bundle together with the ceiling-part and the frame around the last window. They arrived a few days ago and they are amazing!

It is a set from a retired B737-400 consisting of:

OEM parts
  • Eyebrow windows
  • Ceiling (From a B734, so I needs a bit extra to fit a B738)
  • Front, the piece between front windows and the overhead, where the wet compassions sits)
  • Trim for the third window and the cover below
  • Ceiling cover behind the AFT overhead (Not present on the B738)

It is some very nice pieces. There are still lamps and air vents. It does have some bruising here and there. But that is the charm of OEM parts.

My struggle with the structure has always been too many different measurements for the same part of the cockpit. So you have to stick with one set of drawings.

I really recommend heading over to Karl Clarks blog www.737diysim.com and download his drawings. That is a very nice piece of work he has provided for us.

Sticking to a complete set of drawings I am now starting the proces of fitting the parts. Just when unwrapping them I can see that it will cause even more headaches. These OEM parts does not easily fit on a square log. So a lot of fiddling around with MDF is required.

3 thoughts on “I splashed out – Eyebrow windows

  1. Jimmy says:

    That’s a really good buy! Congratulations! Even if you crack your budget and your motto, “cockpit on a budget”, you have a bunch of parts that will most likely retain their value, if you were to get rid of them that is.
    Looking forward to videos when you mount them!
    Keep up the awsome work!

  2. Fabian says:

    looks so good! great find.
    Could you post the part number of that grimes CB light? Thanks!

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