The overhead has to go

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21. December 2021 by Peter

After many years with my homemade overhead I started looking for some sort of substitute. All of a sudden I stumbled across an OEM overhead frame. So the path forwards a new overhead had begun.

While looking for overhead panels for my OEM frames I stumbled across a complete used overhead for sale in the Netherlands. It contains both the forward and aft overhead and interface boards for the entire overhead at a very reasonable price.

So all I could do was to jump into the car and try to persuade my wife to come on a romantic Christmas getaway in the Netherlands. So we did and I picked up the overhead Saturday before Christmas.

I’ve always liked the SimWorld overhead. But some years ago SimWorld switched from DIY to Plug ‘n’ Play only which was out of my price range.

The overhead I bought is a complete forward and aft overhead, all the switches and is interfaced with Pokeys and Phidgets cards and two OpenCockpits gauges. The annunciators are missing in the aft overhead, but apart from that fully working condition.

I am very excited about this new overhead. Especially I’m looking forward to skipping OpenCockpits interface card. They are good value for money. But they have been unstable in the overhead the entire time. A bit of a check up on all the wiring as required.

At this point my plan is to use the SimWorld overhead as it is. It comes with a metal frame and is ready to be mounted. I am considering what to do with my OEM overhead frames. I will use them for my build of the OEM ceiling and sidewalls that I bought earlier this year.

And then we’ll have to see what will happen to the old overhead. I think it has done its time in my cockpit by now.


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