Overhead overload

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21. December 2021 by Peter

So I picked up a used overhead in The Haag, Netherlands last weekend.

When I started my cockpit built 9 years ago I designed my own overhead and made a video about it. A video that holds over quarter of a million views.

After 8 years I thought it was time for an upgrade. So about a year ago I starter scouting for options. Now I am in an Overhead Overload.

A few months ago I saw a listing on Facebook marketplace with a complete frame OEM for the overhead. Last christmas I bought OEM eyebrows, cieling and sides. An OEM overhead frame would make it perfect. Also I have been struggeling a bit with the measurements but OEM+OEM=Perfect fit.

Now I had to decide if I wanted to convert the old homemade overhead panels to the OEM frames or it was time to get a new panels from a professional vendor.

All of a sudden a used complete high quality overhead with interface boards was avaliable at a price that was much lower than a new overhead panels.

So what can I do? I had to go to the Netherlands and pick it up.

So now I’m “stuck” with my old overhead, and OEM overhead frame without any panels, and a complete SimWorld overhead with interface boards.

My initial plan was to go with the OEM frame. But I have not posted anything about it yet because I wanted to have a plan ready. Now that plan might need a bot of a change.

More on both the OEM frame and the new SimWorld overhead later at a later point.

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