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  1. FMC part 1 – First steps


    2. February 2014 by Peter

    So my FMC kit arrived from Spain/OpenCockpits two days ago and I have started building it now. I most say …
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  2. Hello mail man


    31. January 2014 by Peter

    This came with the mail today. My DIY FMC (and som additional interface cards). Let’s See how it goes…

  3. Pedestal (almost) finished


    17. March 2013 by Peter

    The last couple of weeks has been used on the pedestal. Here is the result (so far). The panels are …
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  4. DIY MasterCard

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    14. January 2013 by Peter

    Things have been quiet for almost a month now – because I am so busy building. I have build a …
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