FMC part 7 – Finished (?)


28. February 2014 by Peter

So finally it might be time for that cold beer!

The FMC is now build. All wires connected. So (perhaps) that was that!


I am quite happy with the over all result. The finish looks good and I managed to get it to one big mess on the back side.

I have tested all buttons and LEDs they work.

Only thing I have not tested yet is the PSone screen! Now that I come to think of it, that might not have been such a good idea. But I’ll just have to see if it lights up once I connect it. 🙂


Edit: Okay. So the PSone screen doesn’t turn on when I connect it. Before panicking I better chef the wiring in the weekend.


3 thoughts on “FMC part 7 – Finished (?)

  1. ken says:

    Hello, I just found your site and want to build an FMC too, but I found several different types of PSone on ebay. How do I tell which one is the right size, and is it monochrome or tft color?
    Do you have any info on how to connect to a computer and how to get the proper info displayed?

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Ken.

    The PSone screen is coloured. To my knowledge there is only one version; but I might be wrong. Just make sure you buy one that actually is from SONY and not some other company. I don’t know if the others will fit.

    But as I also mention in the blog I am unable to get my own PSone screen working. So right now I have no clue as how to connect it; I might have done it wrong. So better I not give you false advises. Or perhaps it is a faulty unit, then I must go buy a new screen.

    Other builders say that this screen fits: So if you do an eBay search on “GTI050TN22” you should get something to choose from. Just remember to buy the screen together with a driver board. The advantage of these screens is that you can plug a VGAcable directly in to them.


  3. ian wakelin says:

    you deserve that beer Peter, its something truly amazing what your doing & it must be so fulfilling…best wishes ian

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