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  1. It is the little things…

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    6. January 2022 by Peter

    Small details like the backlightning are setting me back by a few weeks.

  2. Overhead preparation – Wires and switches

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    27. December 2021 by Peter

    It’s now a week since I have came back from the Netherlands with my new (used) overhead. Over the last …
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  3. One of those days


    12. April 2021 by Peter

    Hopefully it will stop bleeding tomorrow

    I am preparing the pieces for the sidewall. Today was about cleaning up in the garage and cut supports for …
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  4. Chairs

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    13. March 2021 by Peter

    Up untill now I’ve used an office chair for cockpit. Not the prettiest of solutions but it worked. OEM chairs …
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  5. OEM-Liners, update


    7. March 2021 by Peter

    I bought a set of real eyebrow windows and OEM-liners. After the initial posting which the unwrapping I have begun …
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  6. Corona and ghosts


    25. October 2020 by Peter

    I did a few posts about the intercom. Once I finish my videos and post things everything was working fine …
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  7. 3D printed annunciations


    3. September 2020 by Peter

    #d prints view from different angles

    3d printed annunciators. Great idea – poorly executed.

  8. Locating errors on MasterCard

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    17. February 2020 by Peter

    I bought some additional MasterCards last autumn and installed them last month. As always when I do something other things …
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  9. Blew the fuses

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    5. February 2020 by Peter

    I bought two “new” (used) CDU’s last autumn and that let me to some rewiring of my MIP. It has …
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  10. New sidewalls


    4. November 2018 by Peter

    My word shed is without heating and it gets rather cold in the winter. So I have to focus the …
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