Apparently not that toast after all

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3. August 2022 by Peter

Last week we came home from a weeks vacation in Tuscany and one of my computers had died while we were away.

A fellow builder in Texas, Jerry, suggested swapping the battery. I did a bit of googling. From what I could understand the motherboard is toast if it refuses to power up. If the battery was the problem the MoBo would power up but with BIOS POST like a date reset. Not that case. It did not power up at all.

But I thought why not and switched the battery. Well… That was an easy $1 fix. The computer is back alive!
Thanks Jerry!
So no new gaming rig this time.

While fixing the computer I also took care of a few other things and now I am putting things back together. I have been thinking about a rack-cabinet the last year or so. But I have not found a used one that suits my needs (42U 60×60 cm). But the computers are now racked. Not inside a rack-cabinet but just inside two IKEA Lack tables for now.

From the top and down

Small PC at the top: Runs the 3D-printer
Small stereo: Engine sound to floor speakers.
Cardboard boxes are filament for the 3D-printer.
PC1 Silver (The one that died)
Prosim Server + a bunch of other things.
Most interface-boards are connected to this.
PC2 (Dell cabinet)
FlightSim Computer
PC3 (Rack cabinet)
Low end computer. Just handles EICAS and CDU.
Has CDUs and OpenCockpits connected via USB


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