One of those days


12. April 2021 by Peter

I am preparing the pieces for the sidewall. Today was about cleaning up in the garage and cut supports for the MDF on the table saw.

Hopefully it will stop bleeding tomorrowThe thing with power tools is that they are powerful. So when you can hold your fingers still things like this happen.

So yep. I cut my finger on the table saw.

I am normally almost hysterical about safety and power saws. I just had to reach out for the piece on the back of the saw and my finger got too close.

Luckily it is just the tip of the finger and the nail – so no large injury. A bit of plaster and I should be good is few days


2 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Jerry McCarroll says:

    Wow Peter, that’s scary. I usually use a piece a piece of wood to push pieces through the blade rather than get my fingers close to it but maybe that wouldn’t have worked in your situation.



    • Peter says:

      Hi Jerry.
      So do I. I have one of those arms with a bend to push it forward and even use a stick to keep it in place sideways. And I am always extremely cautious. But somehow it slipped last sunday.
      Here two days later it looks fine. Nothing major. But it could have taken a bad turn.
      So always: Safety first.

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