OEM-Liners, update


7. March 2021 by Peter

I bought a set of real eyebrow windows and OEM-liners. After the initial posting which the unwrapping I have begun the mounting.

I started with these OEM parts in my living room and didn’t really make any progress. Mostly because I always had to go into my garage in order to build supports for the OEM parts. That just took too long and I never really got anywher. So last week I moved my things into the garage and now it’s taking up a whole lot of space in there but at least I’m now making progress.

Michael from Mickeys Flight Deck commented on a previous video that I might be in for a bit of frustration. And Mickey was right. Because nothing here is an easy mount. Everything has to be custom made.

Using MDF plates

I am taking the idea by Carl Clarke from 737diysim.com about MDF windows frames a bit further. I have made a complete side structure from a sheet of MDF – so it is larger than the original drawings but the cut outs for the windows are the correct measurements. This way I am able to mount the OEM parts directly on the MDF which is much easier.

A recommendation for future builds

So here is a lesson learned and a recommendation for everyone: When building cockpit structures use a large plate of MDF and then mount everything on to the MDF. This will make it easier to get a stable structure and the correct angles.


After a few weeks of frustration the parts are now moved to my garage and I am making good progress. The 3rd window are now in place on both the captains side and the first officers side.

There is no easy way of mounting these things. Every support structure has to be custom made. This requires a lot of measuring, cutting, measuring again, adjusting, cutting, adjusting. But mounting things on to the MDF makes it easier re replace parts that does not fit.

I am at this point using small blocks of wood behind the 3rd windows to keep them in place.

Here are some pictures of the progress


2 thoughts on “OEM-Liners, update

  1. Jerry says:

    My experience: Everything in cockpit building takes too long. I’m remaking the dual concentric encoders for my stand for about the fith time using all metal except for the gears. My wife calls the garage she used to park in the hanger. Starting to look good Peter. What are you planning for the side views?

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