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6. January 2022 by Peter

I am still making progress on the overhead. But it is all the small things just consumes time.

After doing a bit of rewiring and checking all the wires I have been making room for additional interface boards especially for the servos and a Arduino board.

Backlightning mounted on the sides
Backlightning mounted on the sides

The current back lightning consists of 2 LED-strips mounted to the sides of the metal frame.

This emits a lot of light to the sides of the overhead. But there is virtually no backlightning in the middle of the overhead.

So I need to remove the backlightning from the metal frame and instead mount LED-strips behind all panels.

In that process I need some sort of brackets to mount behind each panel where I can place the LED-strips. They were quickly designed in Fusion 360. But each bracket takes an hour to print. Each panel needs at least two so that is a minimum of 50 brackets. So that is a few days of 3d-printing waiting to be executed.


Furthermore it turns out that the annunciators are prone to letting the backlight shine through. It is clearly visible in the picture to the right. The annunciators are not on. But they are lit by the white backlightning.

So I’ll have to black out the bag of all the annunciators. I tried with black tape on the 3 ZONE TEMP annunciators in the upper part of the picture. But I am not satisfied. I think I’ll have a look in my daughters room and see if I can find some black paint and a brush and then paint them black and hopefully that will stop the back lighting from coming through

It’s a very small detail. But both things are something that I need to take care off before I can mount the overhead. It is just one of those little things that ends up setting you back by a week at least.


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