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  1. How to interface / What to choose


    10. November 2014 by Peter

    Some of the emails I receive from you guys are about how to get started with building a cockpit – …
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  2. Interface gauge

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    17. September 2014 by Peter

    As I never tried anything else than Prosim I have no idea how to interface a gauge in SIOC with …
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  3. A small update


    6. May 2014 by Peter

    Hi guys. I got an email last week from a guy in Finland who asked me if I had given …
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  4. More power


    21. March 2014 by Peter

    We had some old computers at work that I could get my hands on for free. So right now I …
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  5. Interfacing the overhead

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    13. March 2014 by Peter

    I bought a stack of OpenCockpits cards last monts. 3 MasterCards, 3 Display cards and a USB expantion card. My …
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  6. Hello mail man


    31. January 2014 by Peter

    This came with the mail today. My DIY FMC (and som additional interface cards). Let’s See how it goes…

  7. Pedestal

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    10. May 2013 by Peter

    I know this is not the first time that I have said that the pedestal is somewhat finished. But this …
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  8. 7-segments – an easier way


    12. April 2013 by Peter

    Some things look very complex at first but once you find the short cuts the tasks are manageable. Guess this …
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  9. Phase 2 + 3

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    10. December 2012 by Peter

    OpenCockpit unit

    With the pedestal almost finished it is time to move on to the next phase because the pedestal must somehow …
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  10. Pedestal finished (almost)

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    5. December 2012 by Peter

    I guess things actually never will be finished. But finally the pedestal is moving in to the final stages. Many …
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