SimConnect problems


28. January 2018 by Peter

I spend an entire afternoon and evening the other day trying to get SimConnect to work.

I tried everything to get it work. Double checked the files. Tripple checked them. Tried opening ports in the firewall. Tried totally disabling the firewall. No luck.

After 6 hours of frustration I finally stumbled upon a topic ont he Prosim forum. It mentioned that using windows 10 (As I do) might cause problems with port 500. On the forum it was suggested to change to 29765. And viola! After changing to port 29765 and editing firewall ports it now works.


3 thoughts on “SimConnect problems

  1. Roger Harris says:

    I feel your pain…. why, oh why, do Windows do this sort of stuff?

  2. Roger Harris says:

    Good to know you got it sorted though! I’m just about to start building my screen. At least that’s a purely mechanical activity – what could _possibly_ go wrong???

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